Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pentax K200D specifications (Rumors)

K200D will be an upgrade from Pentax K100D, with the follow specifications:

- 10-megapixel sensor manufactured by Sony.

- PRIME 12-bit image processor.

- Three frames per second, continuous shooting.

- Larger 3-inch LCD.

- 11 AF points.

- Bigger memory buffer for longer stretches of continuous shooting.


Matthew Miller said...

Going to the 10Mpix sensor used in the K10D seems like a downgrade in many respects. If this part of the rumor is true, I hope they have something to compensate for the increased noise -- next iteration of the sensor itself, or maybe better surrounding electronics. It'd be unfortunate to have ISO 1600 be the (noisy) maximum.

Blue Dog said...

Well, its not an altered photo of a k10D. The MF/AF switch is entirely different. Given that the K10D has superb ergonomics its not so surprising that the exterior would be little changed. I have to believe that there's more improvements over the stated specifications.

bob said...

please pentax, fix the autofocus!! the autofocus of my ist *dl (and k100 and even k10d, to some extent) is really crappy in low light. if this new generation doesn't address this, i'm going to be forced to switch to canon or nikon. what good is a DSLR if you miss shots indoors?!